Your February Mailchimp For Neto Updates

Here are 4 awesome features we have rolled out over the last month.

Neto Customer Groups in Mailchimp

If you are using Neto, you probably use Customer Groups.
We think it is one of Neto’s best features because it allows you to separate your Retail from your Wholesale customers, or to have separate prices for eBay customers, or even to set up a loyalty club.

So we put the For Neto in Mailchimp by adding first-class customer group support.

Every customer that’s synced to Mailchimp is Tagged with their Customer Group.

This means that you can (for example): 

  • Send a Wholesale-only newsletter
  • Segment your Welcome Emails to ONLY go to Retail customers
  • Prevent Ebay customers from receiving your repurchase discount

Sales Channels in Mailchimp

In any conversation about Neto, one thing always comes up: easy integration of multiple sales channels. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to segment your EDMs an automations based on your sales channels?

So we made that happen: every time a customer makes a purchase through a different Sales Channel, they will be tagged with that channel.

 This means that you can (for example):

  • Send an invitation to your in-store event to all POS customers
  • Make sure welcome series only go to web customers
  • Send “Review us on Google Maps” automation to in-store customers

Product Recommendations

We know that personalized product recommendations are one of the main reasons you’d want to use Mailchimp.

Unfortunately, we found that when you de-activate or unapprove products, they could still show up in the recommendations. Mailchimp is working on a fix, but we decided we couldn’t wait for that!

It took some hoodoo from our side, but all Mailchimp For Neto users can now add Product Recommendations to their newsletters, without worrying that unapproved products will start showing up.

Update Customer Emails From Neto

If you have used Mailchimp on any other ecommerce platform, you may have found out that you cannot update customer emails once they have been created.

You could lose the subscriber, or start sending to both the old and the new email address. 😱

But that’s not good enough for Mailchimp For Neto, so we built a safe and reliable mechanism to deal with address changes. Batteries included.

When a customer email address is updated in Neto by you, or the customer herself, the old adress is automatically unsubscribed and all the sales history is transferred to the new email address. Hurray!

Danielle Martel

Danielle Martel

​Digital Marketing Consultant at Keetrax

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