Don’t miss out on abandoned cart revenue.

Only 30.11% of customer that add products to their cart on your website actually make a purchase, according to the January 2019 figures from Baymard.

In other words: for every 30 customers you have, there are another 70 (!) that have shown that they want to buy a product that you are selling.

And thanks to modern ecommerce software like Maropost Commerce Cloud you know who these customers are and you can automatically keep selling to them, no effort from you required.

If you are not following up on these customers, you are abandoning a treasure trove of potential sales!

Let’s break it down: If your Maropost Commerce Cloud webstore earns $10,000 with online sales per day but every 2 out of 3 customers leave your store with a stocked cart behind, there is $20,000 per day in possible profit up for grabs.

Here’s how to turn the trend around:

What is an Abandoned Cart Email?

An Abandoned Cart Email is automatically generated when a customer leaves your Maropost Commerce Cloud webstore without finalizing their purchase. A series of follow-up emails gets sent to the customer at set times, with the email address they provided at the checkout page.

How can you recover your Maropost Commerce Cloud abandoned customer carts using Mailchimp?

There are a number of strategies you can quickly set up in Mailchimp to kick-start cart recovery.

Strategy 1: just say ‘hi’

The quickest and simplest is a single email that gets sent out an hour after a customer leaves your store, reminding them of your brand and the products they left behind.

This keeps you on their mind, and gives you an opportunity to remind your customer of your USPs (unique selling points) or your competitive price.

Strategy 2: an irresistible discount

A strategy to increase your chances even further is to include a 5 – 15% off email discount. If the customer has decided to buy somewhere else (or not buy at all), this can just be what triggers them to make the purchase at your store, today.

Strategy 3: make it a series

If you really want to take your abandoned cart automation up a notch, you can send a series of emails, spaced out over time.

We have had our best success with this recipe:

Automatic email 1: A quick hello and reminder that their cart awaits, generated an hour after the customer leaves.

Automatic email 2: A reminder that their cart and products await, generated a day or two later.

Automatic email 3: A 10% off coupon code, generated 5 days after they first abandoned their cart.

Do customers that make an order still get the abandoned cart emails?

With Mailchimp, if at any point your customer completes their cart purchase they will be automatically removed from any further Abandoned Cart Emails and will not be sent the other emails in this series.

Let’s start tracking those abandoned carts today to increase your store revenue.

It’s time to regain potential customer revenue!

Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud = Happiness

Danielle Martel

Danielle Martel

​Digital Marketing Consultant at Keetrax

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