Frequently Asked Questions

and our very useful (and very clever) answers to them.


My Abandoned Cart Emails are not working in Mailchimp. I’ve added the code to our site, set up the campaign in Mailchimp, but I'm not getting an Abandoned Cart Email when I test it out.

If you think your Abandoned Cart Email feature isn’t working, the first thing to check is if you see any “carts” listed in Mailchimp. Find carts via the “Connected Sites” button in the dropdown menu.

Abandoned Cart Email - check connected sites

Then, under “Abandoned Cart Email,” you should see a number of “sends”.

Abandoned Cart Email - check number of sends

If you see a number associated with the “sends” there, your Abandoned Cart Email feature is working, and your customers are receiving email updates.

One issue that repeatedly crops up is when people test their own Abandoned Cart Email system, but their carts are not registered as a new Abandoned Cart on Maropost Commerce Cloud.

To get around this, here’s the best way to test your Abandoned Cart Email feature:

  • Open up your site in a private tab, incognito window, or a computer you haven’t previously used.
  • Create a cart and visit your checkout page.
  • Enter an email address on the checkout that is different from your Maropost Commerce Cloud admin email address. (If you have a Gmail account, you can send a test email just by putting in your email address, plus “+testing” before the Your email address would then look like:
  • Wait for one hour, plus the delay-time you originally set up in Mailchimp, and you should receive your Abandoned Cart Email.

Voila! Rest easy.

Do we pay extra for more subscribers?

No. Unlike most newsletter software, we don’t charge you based on how many subscribers you add. 50 subscribers or 50,000, the price is the same.

Will I be charged anything else?

Our monthly fee is for the connections only. You will still be charged independently from Mailchimp and Maropost Commerce Cloud depending on your list size and the services you use within these platforms.

Will we be charged when our trial is up?

Yes. We will send you a friendly reminder that your trail is coming to an end. If you want to continue after your trial, do nothing! If not — cancel with a click, no questions asked.

What currency do you charge in?

Our pricing is in AUD.

Can we cancel at any time?

There’s no minimum contract for Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud — cancel at any time without penalty or hassle.

Is it easy to set up?

Totally, with a couple of clicks and copying and pasting API, any Ecommerce Manager will be able to do this. If your ecom manager is missing in action, for $249 we can set it up for you.

Will you help me set my campaigns up too?

We’d love to. We have a dedicated design team who have the best Mailchimp track record in the business. Take a look at the design services we offer or email us at [email protected] to discuss your individual business needs.

What if I have more questions?

We’d be happy to answer them. Reach out to our support team and a real person will get back to you: [email protected]


I need help to configure Mailchimp4Maropost Commerce Cloud. Is there any support documentation?

With everything set up on your site for Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud, you can now use all the ecommerce features for Mailchimp from within Mailchimp – no further configuration needed on our side.

The Mailchimp support documents are your best source of information on how to set these up. To start exploring the possibilities, I recommend the Mailchimp automation guides:

We are also publishing blogs on some of the Mailchimp features that are unlocked by Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud:

We also have published our Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Maropost Commerce Cloud merchants, which gives advice on which automations you can set up on your site.

What data gets synced with existing contacts once the initial sync is completed?

Mailchimp’s record of subscribes and unsubscribes will always be respected. So Maropost Commerce Cloud will only add new subscribers if they have not previously unsubscribed in Mailchimp, and not the other way around.

If I unsubscribe a contact in Maropost Commerce Cloud, are they unsubscribed in Mailchimp?

No. Once a subscriber is subscribed in Mailchimp, they need to be unsubscribed in Mailchimp.

If I unsubscribe a contact in Mailchimp, are they unsubscribed in Maropost Commerce Cloud?

The subscriber is unsubscribed, but the checkbox is not updated back in Maropost Commerce Cloud.

Are other changes to customer details in Maropost Commerce Cloud pushed to Mailchimp?

Customer details are continuously synced from Maropost Commerce Cloud to Mailchimp. The main place where you’ll see our data is in ecommerce automations and segments. So the total order count, or total amount spent, products purchased, etc.

When you mark a customer as subscribed in Maropost Commerce Cloud and they have never unsubscribed in Mailchimp, they will automatically be subscribed. Changes of email address are also automatically synced to Mailchimp.

To set up an email or newsletter do I log into Mailchimp?

That’s right. Our integration just makes sure that your Maropost Commerce Cloud store is fully integrated with Mailchimp. To use any of the Mailchimp ecommerce features, you need to log into Mailchimp and set up campaigns there.

My established Mailchimp account which I thought had been hooked up with Maropost Commerce Cloud still only gives me the basic free version capabilities. Is this normal?

When you’re logged in to Mailchimp, you can confirm that your site is connected by clicking your name in the top right corner, and then clicking “Connect”. Your site should show up in the list.

Below is a quick video that explains how you can verify that your site is syncing:

If you see your site connected, all your ecommerce data is synced to Mailchimp. The features that you have available inside Mailchimp do depend on your Mailchimp pricing plan.

Is it possible to generate order confirmations & order dispatch emails?

Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud does unlock order confirmation and order dispatch emails. You can learn more about order notification emails in Mailchimp the link below:

That said, we found that almost all stores that try out MC order notifications end up turning them off again (on all platforms). This is because they offer very little customisation, and you’ll lose all control over when the notifications are sent out.

For everything else, Mailchimp can handle pretty much any automation you throw at it!

How do I create a specific audience of customers?

To send to a custom segment, click the “New Segment” button in your audience screen. From there you can add custom conditions.

For example, to send to all customers in group B that haven’t purchased for over a year but spent more than $4000 over their lifetime:

How do we update the Mailchimp connection after having updated our URL?

Contact us on [email protected] and we will update your Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud account

I have issues sending emails using Mailchimp. Do I need to update email addresses in Maropost Commerce Cloud and in Mailchimp?

The best way to update email addresses is by updating the customer in Maropost Commerce Cloud, and only in Maropost Commerce Cloud.

Within a few minutes, Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud will automatically update the subscriber email address in Mailchimp and re-associate all the Maropost Commerce Cloud ecommerce data.

I noticed that unsubscribed customers are still showing as subscribed in the Maropost Commerce Cloud control panel? Is this normal?

That is correct – our integration doesn’t sync unsubscribes back from Mailchimp to Maropost Commerce Cloud. This means that Mailchimp remains the “source of truth” of whether somebody is subscribed or not.

Mailchimp has a lot of clever logic around subscription status to make sure you don’t accidentally resubscribe previously unsubscribed members, so we recommend to rely on Mailchimp to track subscribe status.

Can Mailchimp help us move some of our slow inventory with promotions to our customers?

For slow-moving stock, we recommend creating a one-off promotion for these products, product by product, category by category or brand by brand on a weekly or monthly basis. That way you are always reminding your existing/future customers of your brand.

Are we able to pull child products in Maropost Commerce Cloud to show up on Mailchimp?

Child products are available in product blocks, and when creating segments.

Does Mailchimp’s Product Recommendations feature select products which are currently in stock?

It only pulls active products but it cannot determine in stock or out of stock products. However, I do suggest you utilise (if you are not already) the Notify Me when back in stock in Maropost Commerce Cloud. That way you can order products you know you have a number of people interested in it. It also gives a sense of urgency if Mailchimp recommends a product and it is out of stock – people tend to think they need to be quicker next time!

I have used this for a number of our marketing clients and followed up after the campaign was sent. It was amazing to see how many people clicked on them and followed up on a purchase. I’d suggest you give it a go and run your own report.

Starting out

If we want to try Mailchimp will it conflict with the Smartrmail email marketing that we already have?

If you want to give Mailchimp a try, I would suggest you set up a promotional email or automation that you are not currently using on Smartrmail as you do not want to double up and make your customer feel like you are spamming them.

Currently using SmartrMail. What are the differences between this add-on/Mailchimp and Smartrmail? Why would I move my marketing across?

Most customers that switch over from Smartrmail to Mailchimp do so because Mailchimp makes it very easy to create good looking emails, with a lot of room for customisation. Their editor is powerful and very easy to use. This applies to both your automated emails, and your bulk newsletters.

With our integration, Mailchimp also has many more automation types than Smartrmail. For an idea of what’s possible, you can have a look at Mailchimp’s list of automation types here:

But, the best way to find out what Mailchimp has to offer is to try it out yourself. Our integration is free for the first 30 days (no questions asked when you cancel). Setting up a Mailchimp account is free, so you can evaluate what you can do with the software. You do need to switch to a paid account to start sending an email series though.

See the Mailchimp pricing page:

Does Mailchimp have personalised email features? How do personalised emails work if customers are not logged into their account on our website?

Mailchimp can send out product recommendations based on what they browsed on your website. There is a minimum requirement from Mailchimp to make this feature work.

You can read more here:

And here is how to use product recommendation blocks:

The product recommendation email will only be triggered if someone clicks through from one of your campaigns (welcome, promotional or some sort of automation). Then the product recommendation email is sent.

Is it possible to use multiple audiences connected to Maropost Commerce Cloud?

Our integration only syncs to a single audience in Mailchimp. This is the only way that Mailchimp allows us to sync ecommerce data. Mailchimp’s own recommendation is to avoid having multiple lists, and use one master audience to manage everything.

To automatically segment your list into multiple lists, you can link Mailchimp with Zapier and set up custom rules to move subscribers between your lists.

Here is an example of how you can do something like this in Zapier:

Is there any migration documentation we can check out while we explore Mailchimp more and consider switching platforms?

We have documentation on how to update the newsletter subscribe forms on your website here:

Because our integration already imports all subscribed customers automatically, for most merchants that’s all they need to do. But if you have more email addresses in your list, you can easily import these into Mailchimp following these instructions:

If you have any other questions about your migration or using Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud, we’re here to help. For assistance setting up your email templates and automations, you can also look at the professional Mailchimp services Keetrax has to offer:

What's the difference between using your integration and using Maropost Commerce Cloud to Mailchimp via Onesaas integration?

The big difference is that our integration syncs all your customer, order, product and cart data to Mailchimp. The OneSaas integration only exports email addresses from Maropost Commerce Cloud to Mailchimp.

For you this means that our integration unlocks all Mailchimp ecommerce features, like:

  • Sending abandoned cart recovery emails and follow-ups
  • Adding personalized product recommendations to your emails
  • Sending your targeted sales to customers based on their past purchases
  • Adding drag-and-drop product blocks to your EDMs
  • Automating your product follow-ups, review requests and welcome series
  • Segmenting your mailing list based on Maropost Commerce Cloud customer groups and sales channels

We are email marketers that built this integration to scratch our own itch, and we use our own product on Maropost Commerce Cloud sites every day. That’s why Mailchimp for Maropost Commerce Cloud also has some “for Maropost Commerce Cloud” only features like syncing Maropost Commerce Cloud’s Customer Groups to Mailchimp.

What information does this service make available to Mailchimp?

Our integration syncs:

  • Customers (emails, address, order history, sales channels orders from, user groups)
  • Orders (including products purchased)
  • Full product catalogue
  • Carts

Are the new Mailchimp order confirmation and update emails available in your integration?

Those emails are indeed available with Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud.

There is a disclaimer though: you have very little control over when Mailchimp order notifications are sent. Many Maropost Commerce Cloud merchants use the “Do not send order/invoice to customer via e-mail” checkbox to control when order emails are sent, but this checkbox is ignored by Mailchimp.

Automations and abandoned carts

Why are abandoned cart emails not sending?

It could be that the required Maropost Commerce Cloud add-on “Abandoned Cart Saver” is not activated on your website. This is required for the Mailchimp abandoned carts to run.

Below is a screenshot from our portal with instructions on how to enable this add-on. Please note that when you enable the add-on, you need to deselect “Send abandoned cart customer email”.

Can we set a follow up email with Mailchimp after a customer from a specific group makes a purchase and link our customers to the specific product they purchased for a review?

You’ve gone right for Mailchimp’s weak spot – there is no way of following up with a link to the product that was purchased. This puts a spanner in the works for review follow ups.

We are hatching our own plan of building something into our integration to make this possible, but this would be a work-around on top of Mailchimp and we haven’t quite worked out if it will scale, and what the limitations will be.

I will let you know if and when we have this.

On the Maropost Commerce Cloud sites we manage, we are still letting Maropost Commerce Cloud send out the review campaigns. You’re right that these are not pretty at all by default, but they can be adjusted. At Keetrax we do offer the upgrading of all common Maropost Commerce Cloud transactional emails with a branded and clean template for $ 1,240.

But ideally we’d just get this working in Mailchimp – we’re getting this question a lot, so expect to hear from me soon about this.

Can we set up a 'win back' or 'retargeting' email for customers who have purchased a specific product?

Because of the same constraint in Mailchimp, you’d need to set up a separate retargeting campaign for each of your service kits.

Once you have created a retargeting campaign, you can duplicate it so it’s simple to set up many in one go.

Here is a quick link to start creating a follow-up campaign:

Is it possible to have a few separate welcome series' running based on the Tag the customer falls under?

In the first email of your Welcome series, you can Filter by segment or tag:

In the screen that comes up, you can select which subscribers should receive this welcome automation.

With Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud every customer is tagged with the Sales Channels that they purchased from (website, POS, eBay, etc) and the Customer Group they’re in (retail, wholesale, etc.). So segmenting on one of those is very straight forward:

You can also combine conditions if you want to tailor your welcome series further. Below is an example that will only send to customers in group A that have purchased via Maropost Commerce Cloud POS:

You can set up as many welcome series as you need. So to set up a second welcome series for a different customer group, you go through the steps of setting up a welcome campaign again.

Is there a way to check the list of emails that were sent out to the customers?

If you have set up an abandoned cart follow up email in Mailchimp, then you can review your report.

  1. Open up Mailchimp and find your abandon cart campaign.

Once you open it up, Mailchimp will give you a lot more information!

If you have an email series campaign (rather than just one email) then scroll right down to the bottom of this report and you will be able to access reports on each individual emails.

It is called: Workflow Emails.