Mailchimp For Neto is Now Live in the Neto App Store!

Well would you look at that, we’re now live in the Neto App Store — Hooray!

Though you can still sign up through our Mailchimp For Neto website, you now have the convenience of finding us directly through the Neto “Addons” interface in your control panel (the screen you see when you log in to your Neto website).

You are now only 5 minutes away from linking your Neto and Mailchimp accounts to unleash the full power of every single Mailchimp feature.

Did you know that no other integration platform unlocks it all like we do?

It’s easy, so tell your friends and spread the news!

Start by heading over to your Neto account. On the left-hand side, click on “Addons”.

Find Mailchimp for Neto through the Neto Addons interface

In the Addon Store, scroll down to the “Categories” section and click “Marketing” just below.

In the Addons Store click Marketing under Categories

Then scroll a little further… until… you spot us!

Mailchimp For Neto is Now Live in the Neto App Store!

Click the “Install” button, and Bob’s your uncle! Now you’ll easily connect your Neto store to Mailchimp and unlock all the ecommerce features Mailchimp has to offer.

A simple connection for a booming business.

Connect your Neto store to Mailchimp


Danielle Martel

Danielle Martel

​Digital Marketing Consultant at Keetrax

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