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Mailchimp For Neto Partner Referral Program

For Every Client You Sign Up To Mailchimp For Neto Get $50 Hard Cold Cash + Free Limited Edition T-Shirt.

Grab yourself a limited edition Mailchimp For Neto t-shirt (valued at $25 but we think it’s priceless ;)) plus $50 cash for every client who becomes a paid user of Mailchimp For Neto!

All you need to do is sign your client up via our website:

As soon as your client has become a paid user of the Mailchimp For Neto app, we’ll drop the cash into your account and send that wicked limited edition t-shirt out to you!

Mailchimp For Neto T-Shirt

Integrate Your Client Today!

Once you have completed the super quick integration, we just need you to fill out a few more details to ensure you get the goodies!

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Limited Edition Mailchimp For Neto T-Shirt Size Chart
$50 cash for every client who becomes a paid user of Mailchimp For Neto

What are you waiting for?

Refer your client today and be one day closer to 75 bucks worth of goodies!


For Our Partner Referral Program

Can I score more t-shirts and cash if I refer another client?

Absolutely! More the merrier! Grab a t-shirt for your loved one, friends, family! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind 50 bucks too 😉

What happens if I refer my client but they do not continue with the paid plan?

We’ll let you know via email that, sadly, you do not qualify. BUT, you still have a chance to convince them otherwise!

When will you send me my t-shirt and cash?

Every sign up gets a 30 day free trial to test what Mailchimp For Neto can do for them. As soon as those 30 days are completed their card is automatically charged (unless they cancel before then – out of courtesy, we do send a reminder out 5 days beforehand). As soon as their card is charged we’ll be running to the post office with your bling bling!

I signed my client up a while ago. Can I still let you know I referred them?

Absolutely! We’ll check through our logs to see if they have become a paid customer and send your goodies asap!