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Not sending product follow up emails? Here’s why you should.

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A new customer has just progressed through your Maropost Commerce Cloud shopping cart which means your marketing strategy is working. That’s great!

But that’s not where the story ends.  If you sell a product that customers buy more than once, your next job is to turn your new customer into a repeat customer who thinks you’re awesome!

The Power of Product Follow Up Emails

We all know about email as a marketing tool for new customers, but email is also a great way to keep the conversation going with your customers after their initial purchase from you.  Did you know that selling to an existing customer is 5x more cost effective than finding a new one? And that’s not all! Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new product offerings from you and they spend more too.

The emails you send to a customer after they purchase from you are referred to as product follow up emails.  And we love them around here because they work.

Adventuremoto are the premier supplier in Australia of adventure riding gear for motorcyclists.  We’ve set it up so that when a customer buys a product from Adventuremoto through their Maropost Commerce Cloud cart, a series of automated emails are triggered in Mailchimp to go out to that customer.  These emails are relevant to the customer’s purchase, engaging and to the point. The first in the series is an email relating to their purchase, to show that Adventuremoto cares about the customer’s experience – for example installation instructions. Further emails will be sent with upsells (products that would work well alongside the product the customer purchased).

Maropost Commerce Cloud for Mailchimp product follow up emails have been successful in helping Adventuremoto to keep the conversation going and offer support to their customers – resulting in repeat business.

Using Product Follow Up Emails to turn your first-time customer into a repeat customer

We know that companies with a strong fan base do these things well:

  •         Thank their customers for their patronage
  •         Give useful information about the product purchased
  •         Follow up and ask for feedback on their company and product
  •         Ask for public reviews

You can tick each of these goals off easily by using the combined power of Maropost Commerce Cloud and Mailchimp to send targeted automated emails to your first-time customers like we do for Adventuremoto.

Product emails you should be sending your customers:

Thank you and first purchase emails

When you buy something in a shop, you get a thank you and it should be no different when someone buys from you online.  A simple thank you shows your new customer you appreciate them and is the first step in turning them into a repeat customer.  It also shows them there is a real person behind the shopfront. And it’s the perfect opportunity to share information they need – return policies, estimated shipping times and product support.

Product and Category Follow ups

Don’t risk your customer turning to Google and possibly finding your competitor when it comes time for their next purchase.  Show up in their inbox and keep your business front-of-mind with product information, such as instructions and product warranty information.  We’ve helped Lucky Pet do this by sending their customers reminders for when it’s time to next stock up on flea treatment for their furry friends.

Review Emails

Customer reviews serve your business in two important ways; to re-engage your customers (keep the conversation going) and to generate social proof of how good you and your products are for future customers (your future fans). 

Reviews for your store can be set up automatically with Google Reviews so they show up in Google search results, and you can ask for product reviews on Maropost Commerce Cloud, or an integrated review platform like Yotpo.

Feedback Emails

Asking for feedback shows your customers you care about their experience and you are willing to learn from them about what you do well and what you can do better.  This is the realness factor – people buy from people! So, go ahead – ask your customers to share their experience and for feedback about what you could improve upon. 

Pro-Tip: With Mailchimp, you can use their “Conversations” feature, which will track responses to your emails and keep them in a manageable portal (without flooding your private inbox)

Why you should connect your Maropost Commerce Cloud store with Mailchimp

Connecting your Maropost Commerce Cloud store to Mailchimp makes it super easy to set up a series of product follow up emails to be sent to your customers – emails that are based on their actual interactions with your company and products. This will lead to more sales and happy customers from within your existing customer base!

Grab the Ultimate Guide to using Email to win raving fans and repeat customers by clicking the link below.

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